Flying in style & comfort.



Your flight is booked, your leaving at 6AM, if your wearing jeans on the plane, what type are you wearing?

Well, I want to be comfortable, as I get older that is increasingly more important to me. I must have about 15 pairs of jeans so how to choose the right ones.
I’m going to look for the thinnest, softest pair I have. Although the jeans with the custom holes are calling me, I still think a polished look is more suitable for travel, unless of course your headed to the beach or the boardwalk.

My jeans of choice, faded blue, slightly worn, straight leg, possibly a boyfriend cut so that the jeans sit slightly below your natural waist and are not binding. A cute tee shirt, pair of flats or sandals and a cropped jacket finish off the look.

I always like to travel with a large scarf, preferably a pashmina, it can add to the outfit or double as a blanket for comfort and warmth. While the beltless belt would work with this outfit and ‘move’ with you, honestly you don’t need it. If the jeans fit as they should, you shouldn’t have to worry about them falling too low or bulging in the wrong places.

Flying as we speak:)