Beltless Belt Blue

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The Beltless Belt for the adult in all of us…

“The ease and comfort of a belt without the restrictions of a buckle”

I must admit it was a friend who was visiting her mother at an assisted living facility that
suggested the beltless belt could solve a problem that so many seniors experience.

While visiting her mother, a caregiver was helping her mother dress and they were fumbling with her moms belt. When she suggested the ‘beltless belt’ she was wearing might be a bit easier for her mom to maneuver, the caregiver asked where she had gotten it from. And that’s when the beltless belt became the ultimate no-nonsense belt.

With its easy close, easy open feature, the Beltless Belt has enabled many seniors as well as people with arthritic conditions to dress themselves and maintain their independence.

Ageing can be challenging enough by itself.  A handicap can be equally frustrating.
If movement or dexterity is an issue at all, the Beltless Belt™ will simplify yet another task.  
Below is an example of a man with arthritis who couldn’t wear a belt because he couldn’t buckle it. 

Having to wear an external medical device is a worry in its own right. The idea that it might slip, slide or move can only make it more frustrating.
Below is an example of a patient who has to wear a heart monitor.  She is using the belt to hold in all of the wires.

It is currently being used by patients who need extra support with their medical devices as well as by those with dexterity challenges. It comes in five sizes. 

Look for the blue & black packaging.

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